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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Balanced Living Psychology is the start of not just a business but a channel where I can work across the three parts of my life that I enjoy and find rewarding:

Therapy: Working with teenagers and adults to help them with their mental health problems. This is such rewarding work, getting to know a client and together understand what problems they are facing and collaboratively working through implementing therapeutic interventions to facilitate change and better outcomes.

Research: I have developed a love for research and for the last four years have been looking at both existing research and conducting my own research into digital media and how teenagers are using digital media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, TicTok. Research enables me to stay connect to academia and the opportunity to present at conferences and share my learnings with colleagues, teachers, parents and school organisations. The technological landscape is constantly change and understanding how this effects developing minds and identities is important.

Consulting: Helping organisation better manage their people in times of transition and change. Prior to becoming a psychologist, I spent 20 years working at senior levels in organisations, implementing strategies and large projects. I understand what managers and employees go through during times of uncertainty and re-structure. Additionally, from a psychological viewpoint I understand the importance of effective change management and communication to minimise both human and financial costs that can be incurred when change is managed badly. We can support management teams and boards make optimal decisions for both staff and balance sheet.

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